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Foundry Wharf



Built in 1987, the Foundry Wharf was designed as a groundbreaking mixed-use development in the industrial area adjacent to downtown Petaluma. Goals for the development were to preserve the historic warehouse aesthetic, leverage the riverfront location and create modern, forward-looking brand imagery for the site.



  • Utilize imagery elements from the farmstead and riverfront location
  • Use grasses as a unifying element, a new approach at the time
  • Use a vocabulary of hedgerows and orchards as organizing elements
  • Eliminate curbs and gutters and create natural drainage design, a new approach at the time that is now considered a standard sustainability practice
  • Integrate the site with a minimal design palette by combining inexpensive materials with limited use of precious materials


Special Features

  • Project was among the first to use grasses in commercial development in Northern California, one of John Greenlee’s first large grass order!
  • Modern look and feel that builds on historic warehouse aesthetic
  • Development remains successful 30 years after its initial design. Today a dynamic mix of tenants and visitors enjoy the community feeling, spacious common lawn area, private docks, decks, outdoor seating areas and more at The Foundry Wharf.

(707) 696 - 2967

1574 Skillman Lane
Petaluma, CA 94952