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Napa Valley Junior College Upper Valley Campus



Design this campus to complement the site’s location in the heart of Napa Valley wine country



  • Use the campus’s culinary curriculum as the basis for the site design, which includes fruit trees, vineyards and an herb garden
  • Build a simple quadrangle court in the heart of the campus, oriented with views of the surrounding hills


Special Features

  • Hedgerows of poplars lead into the campus and parking areas, providing shade and vertical interest
  • Walnut trees and vineyards provide an inviting foreground to the building complex
  • Herb parterre garden reflects the formal geometry of the court
  • Extensive use of flowering pear trees provide shade and create an orchard feel in the parking lot
  • Built nearly 30 years ago, the project is often used as a model for large water-conserving landscape projects

(707) 696 - 2967

1574 Skillman Lane
Petaluma, CA 94952